Coline Fiquet joined IRT Jules Verne early September 2023 as the Europe team manager.



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Tell us about your background and previous experiences ?

After 4 years of studying geography and obtaining a Master’s degree in geography specialized on emerging and developing countries, I shifted my focus towards European funds. Initially interested in European development funds, I did an internship at the United Nations in Geneva and then at the European Commission, always with a focus on West Africa. After that, I ended up in the field of innovation ! I completed my Master’s degree in an alternating work-study program at a consulting firm for innovation project, and then spent 5 and a half years at EMC2 cluster dedicated to advanced manufacturing. I was working on European project, building and managing proposal, and became familiar with the regional industrial ecosystem. Early 2022, I joined the Pays de la Loire Regional Council, within the European Action Service. I represented the Region in the governance bodies of Interreg programs and supported the Health, Rural, Urban, Tourism, and Social and Solidarity Economy sectors in accessing EU funds.



Can you tell us more about your role at IRT Jules Verne ?

I joined IRT Jules Verne as the Europe team manager. Our team is in charge of managing ongoing projects and developing new European projects in collaboration with the research teams at IRT Jules Verne.

IRT Jules Verne has a dedicated team for European projects since 2027, our goal is to continue expanding our presence at European level by leveraging the institute expertise in the 5 research themes and its know-how in conducting R&D projects. European programs are ambitious, and we contribute to their objectives by bringing forth European R&D projects that align with our technological roadmap.



Why did you join IRT Jules Verne ?

For its innovation capacity and ambition ! IRT Jules Verne is already involved in 19 European projects, including one as a coordinator, with a total funding of over €8 million… and this is just the beginning! I enjoy getting involved in innovative research projects, discovering new technologies, and facing the challenges of each project. I am delighted to have joined an organization that seeks to address the challenges of tomorrow through European partnerships.



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