Modelling and simulation

Provide qualified data to facilitate technical and managerial decision-making, thereby reducing development time and costs

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Our areas of expertise

  • Materials & Process modelling
  • Modelling of the manufacturing tool
  • Model Order Reduction

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  • Support for the deployment of new processes through simulation
  • Digital optimisation of existing processes (Quality, Efficiency, Environmental Impact)
  • Simulation-based Decision Support Tools
  • Simulation of structures under operating conditions and experimental validation

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  • Digital simulation platform including :

  • HPC Calculator

  • High storage capacity

  • Scientific softwares

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Modelling and simulation provide information on the behaviour of industrial structures and processes prior to implementation. In order to increase the competitiveness of industrial equipment, the models developed provide qualified data to facilitate technical and managerial decision-making, thereby reducing development time and costs.


The strong digital background of the IRT Jules Verne Modelling and Simulation team, coupled with its multi-disciplinary approach, allows us to offer innovative modelling and simulation services for the forming of materials and the production tool.

IRT Jules Verne modelling and simulation specialists work in particular on modelling the physical phenomena (mechanical, thermal, chemical, etc.) involved in the manufacturing processes. The aim is to provide high-performance decision support tools to predict the behaviour of materials, systems and structures.


The team also focuses on different digital approaches such as optimisation, model reduction methods and probabilistic approaches that take into account process uncertainties. The team also develops approaches combining physical simulations and data analysis to contribute to the prognosis and diagnosis of structures and production lines.


The engineers and doctors of the team work alongside specialists in other areas of expertise at IRT Jules Verne to provide manufacturers with comprehensive solutions.

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Stéphanie Colliou

R&T Manager, Modelling and Simulation

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