Encouraging synergy among local players to bring innovation to life

IRT Jules Verne is located in the heart of the airport zone of Nantes, whose ambition, supported by the Région Pays de la Loire and Nantes Métropole, is to become a leading technological innovation zone dedicated to manufacturing. IRT Jules Verne works in partnership with the largest industrial and academic players in the field of manufacturing, with whom it co-builds and sustains the research projects conducted within it. Since 2012, this community has continued to grow and in 2021 there were  73 members and partners : industrial groups, SMEs, technical centers, academic partners, local authorities.


IRT Jules Verne is part of Nantes University, a new world-class higher education and research institution that relies on the region and the local ecosystem to strengthen the areas of excellence in Nantes’ research, particularly the health and industry of the future. This project was launched jointly with the University of Nantes, the Centrale Nantes School, The “Beaux-Arts Nantes Saint-Nazaire” School, The Nantes School oh Architecture (ENSA), the University teaching hospital of Nantes and the National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM). Together, the member institutions are laying the foundations for a more open French university model, which combines high standards with a helping hand, excellence and social ties. 


IRT Jules Verne is at the heart of the FIT association “French Institutes of Technologies”, which brings together the 15 Institutes of Technological Research and Institutes for the Ecological Transition for sovereign, sustainable and resilient innovations.


Furthermore, IRT Jules Verne is part of a dynamic development of the knowledge economy in the manufacturing field. As such, it maintains close links with the EMC2 Competitiveness Cluster, particularly with regard to Phase IV of the Competitiveness Clusters.