In order to enable manufacturers to stay ahead of the curve in technology, IRT Jules Verne has set itself a goal: to stimulate fundamental research in relation to its research and development themes. In 2017, for example, IRT Jules Verne launched PERFORM, a thesis programme aimed at developing upstream research in the manufacturing field. Ultimately, this programme will strengthen the research workforce in the field of the factory of the future while helping to reinforce this theme in which the Loire Region excels.







The principle

The programme is based on a system of clusters of theses

The latter are initiated in groups within focused areas in order to achieve a significant overall impact. The themes are jointly defined each year by IRT Jules Verne and its industrial partners.


Some examples of recent issues addressed:

  • Providing forming processes with high thermal dynamics and reduced environmental impact
  • Improving the performance of tools for the processing of composite materials
  • Improving the technical and economical balance of DED-w additive manufacturing
  • Controlling high precision trajectories with reference to a large product


Each year, 6 new theses are launched

The programme consist of 18 theses with an annual budget of 1.3 million euros. Funding is shared between IRT Jules Verne, manufacturers, academic institutions, Nantes Metropole and the Loire Region.



Research topics

Additive manufacturing


 Manufacturing flexibility


Mobility in the industrial environment





6 theses

7 theses

4 theses

9 theses

4 theses




For manufacturers

For academics

For IRT Jules Verne


Access to the results of a series of 18 theses focusing on themes that they themselves have defined, and the availability of a real targeted monitoring tool.



Additional occasion to develop highly directed fundamental research and create new opportunities for collaboration with the manufacturers involved.


Preparation for the future through participation in the development of advanced research in its own key areas and take advantage of the work carried out by doctoral students.


The rates

The commitment of the industrial partners is made for 3 years, which allows them to have access to the progress of the work of all the theses launched during this period (18 in total) for a limited financial investment.


Type of compagny


Membership annual fee (€)

n ≥ 1000

25 000

250 ≤ n ≤ 999

10 000

20 ≤ n ≤ 249

5 000

n < 20

2 500


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They already trust PERFORM




Testimonials: an inside view of PERFORM Programme


Franck BOURCIER, Marketing et Innovations Director, LOIRETECH

« Working closely with IRT Jules Verne, Loiretech is currently one of the funders of PERFORM thesis programme. These theses constitute a good link between academic research and industry. They allow us to take into account the real needs of potential users while exploring new techniques. We are already using the results in a concrete way: indeed, the results of a thesis will be used in a collaborative project of IRT Jules Verne: MATCH. The goal is to manage precisely the temperature descent of a tooling.»


Emilie PETIOT, ME R&T Technology Manager for Composites – AIRBUS

« Airbus is a driving force in PERFORM program, participating in the selection of topics each year, which is why we closely follow its progress. These theses enable quality scientific development that is in line with our R&T themes. In addition, the involvement of IRT Jules Verne ensures the link between fundamental research laboratories and industry.»


Christophe BINETRUY, Professor, PhD, Centrale Nantes, GeM Laboratory

« The doctoral students’ presentations are of very good quality, accessible to a wide audience. PERFORM program is very efficient, we are largely involved in it since we ensure direction of several theses. Apart from PERFORM, Ecole Centrale is also closely linked to IRT Jules Verne by participating in collaborative projects as a partner. »


Lauriane GUILMOIS, former PERFORM PhD student, Materials/Welding Engineer IWE


“I joined IRT Jules Verne in January 2018 as a PhD student, as part of the first edition of the PERFORM program, for a period of 3 years. My work focused on an experimental approach of the arc-wire additive metal manufacturing process and its thermo-metallurgical and mechanical modeling. Being a PhD student at IRT Jules Verne gave me the opportunity to work on issues of real interest to industrial actors from various sectors. In contact with all the research fields of IRT Jules Verne, I benefited from a multidisciplinary expertise on my work. On a daily basis, this implies being in constant reflection on the progress and direction of my thesis, but always feeling supported, in a work dynamic that constantly leads to seeing further and innovating. A beautiful and enriching challenge!”


“My thesis at IRT Jules Verne” : PERFORM in vidéo






Valérie DONAL
Deputy Manager, Research and Expertise Department