IRT JULES VERNE:the industrial & collaborative research center for manufacturing


Our vocation ? Boosting the competitiveness of French industries

Our mission ? Accelerating innovation & technology transfer to factories

Our core business ? Supporting manufacturers & promoting collaborative research


For a response tailored to your technological challenges, the IRT Jules Verne has set up a flexible, agile organization, offering a cross-cutting response based on expertise and collaboration, focusing on performance, flexibility and business transitions.


With its industrial and academic partners, the IRT Jules Verne is working on the maturation of innovative technologies in 5 research areas:


By combining 5 complementary areas of expertise, the IRT Jules Verne offers access to high-level skills, state-of-the-art industrial equipment and industrial-scale demonstrators.


Major competitiveness challenges & technological issues to be adressed

Focus on performance, flexibility & transitions


  • Reduce manufacturing process time & costs of development


  • Facilitate decision-making by providing qualified information
  • Improve the performance (cost/rate) of manufacturing processes for complex structures


  • Limit the environmental impact of manufacturing processes


  • Design parts by integrating process constraints 
  • Optimizing robot deployment in complex industrial environments


  • Developing flexible, agile & reconfigurable processes
  • Reduce control costs in production & maintenance


  • Monitor the production tool to better control manufacturing processes & ultimately diagnose product quality



Our combined technological expertise to respond to life-cycle stakes


Who are our solutions designed for ?



Working closely with production equipment manufacturers and integrators, IRT Jules Verne caters to 4 strategic industrial sectors.



Overview of the IRT Jules Verne offer