Industrial context


This project aims to develop a novel, secure, end-to-end Interoperable Simulation Ecosystem (ISE) that will perform multidirectional dataflow across the aircraft value chain linking product design, process and distributed engineering teams´ CAD-CAE tools, to accelerate the design and engineering optimization of disruptive aircraft and engine configurations, ensuring their manufacturability from the design conceptualization.


Aviation accounts for 3.8% of CO2 emissions in the EU and is expected to increase by 50% by 2050 compared to 2019 in the EU. To maintain and improve its competitive position in climate-neutral scenario, EU aeronautics industry needs to timely deliver reliable and commercially viable disruptive configuration with reducing the cost, risk and time to develop them.


Industrial applications 

Save of time and materials for the manufacturing of lighter aircrafts thanks to faster, more efficient design methods.