📢 IRT Jules Verne has just completed the infusion of the two half-blades of the full-scale tidal demonstrator using CIDETEC’s 3R resin and based on process simulations by ITA INNOVA.


The next steps include the manufacturing of the spars and the assembly, followed by the transfer of all the demonstrators to the IRT’s mechanical test bench in Angers, where trials will be carried out. They will enable the behaviour of the blades to be analysed and validated using various methods, including the Digital Image Correlation synchronized with infrared thermography inspection, and the QRS developed by SENSE in.


The entire consortium is currently meeting in Spain for the M42 meeting at AIMEN Centro TecnolĂłgico, which is in charge of manufacturing the wind blade demonstrators, to review progress ahead of the final phase of the project.


CARBO4POWER is focusing on the development of next-generation wind and tidal turbine blades, using intelligent architectures as well as hybrid and nanotechnology materials.