IRT Jules Verne, AIRBUS and DAHER have just launched the MAXIMA (Multi AXIal Material Additive) project for a period of 30 months.


Today, the use of extrusion additive manufacturing is limited to materials whose transformation temperatures and chemical properties render them easy to process. However, their poor mechanical properties limit their fields of application, as well as the complexity and size of the parts produced. The use of technical materials (PAEK, PEI, etc.) for the aeronautical industry remains an open problem.


The project proposes to extend the window of application of additive manufacturing by extrusion of a hot material (wire or granules) to high-performance materials and large, complex parts. It will focus on the development of an out-of-oven process with the creation of a dedicated manufacturing island.


In addition, a prototype digital chain will take account of the materials, machines and physical constraints to guarantee print feasibility while limiting distortion and taking into account the anisotropy of the mechanical and thermal properties of the material.