Beyond the 4 major industrial sectors addressed, IRT Jules Verne works closely with a sector that provides structure for its activity: the sector of the manufacturers of production equipment and integrators.This group of industrial actors comes from different sectors (equipment manufacturers, toolmakers, robot manufacturers, industrial software suppliers, integrators, engineering companies) and includes world leading SMEs and ETIs in niche markets.


A territorial vivier

Through the mechanical and plastics professions (special machines, industrial tools, etc.), the sector of manufacturers of production equipment and integrators is historically represented in the Région Pays de la Loire. It is from this regional pool that the IRT Jules Verne has involved the actors in its activity.


A development of IRT Jules Verne focused on its stakeholders

IRT Jules Verne makes strategic alliances with:


  • SMEs with high technological potential, already suppliers to the leaders of industrial sectors.
  • Leading national and international companies such as FIVES (machines), PRODWAYS (additive manufacturing), CLEMESSY (integrator),…
  • Foreign companies in the case when there are no French suppliers.


Meeting the challenges of manufacturers in this sector

Quality upgrading: by integrating these players into R&D projects, carried out in collaboration with companies from the industrial sectors ;
Industrialization: by supporting manufacturers of the sector in technology transfer and towards the first deployment in a customer plant ;
Research support around these new solutions deployed over the long term.


The example of SERVISOUD’s move upmarket

Launched in 2016 at the end of the CHARMAN project, the CHAMBORD project aimed to develop a collaborative welding robot for industrial applications in the shipbuilding sector. The SME Servisoud integrated the project as a welding expert, alongside 3 other partners: the Chantiers de l’Atlantique as a specifier of the need, Europe Technologies as a robotic integrator, and the IRT Jules Verne as a technological architect and project manager.

In 2017, Europe Technologies acquired Servisoud in order to industrialize and market the collaborative welding robot developed as part of the project. The first real welds on the ships during construction were carried out in 2018, with confirmed time savings and better welding quality. In the mid-term, Europe Technologies wishes to offer a range of welding cobots for various applications, from semi-automated to fully autonomous welding cobots.