Nantes, France – 20th decembre 2023


After 3 years of collaborative development, the European project FIBRE4YARDS proudly announces its results at its closure this week. This collaborative project, dedicated to the use of fiber-reinforced polymers (FRP) in shipbuilding using Industry 4.0 concepts, involves 13 partners from 6 European countries. Focused on optimizing production costs and introducing innovative digital technologies, it marks a major breakthrough for the European naval sector.


Pushing the Boundaries of Shipbuilding with Fiber-Reinforced Polymers

Traditionally used in the construction of lightweight structures for vessels up to 25 meters, FRPs are now making their way onto larger boats, reaching up to 50 meters. However, the full production potential of FRP vessels remains untapped due to prohibitively high production costs. FIBRE4YARDS has addressed this challenge by introducing innovative automated procedures and eliminating semi-artisanal methods, ushering in a new era for the competitiveness of the sector.


The Union of Composite Technology and Naval Excellence

FIBRE4YARDS, aimed at aligning end-user needs with fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) manufacturing technologies, is propelling shipyard production and maintenance towards promising horizons. The introduction of innovative automated manufacturing methods promises to reduce costs, enhance environmental performance, and optimize European competitiveness. This groundbreaking project has developed digital tools such as digital twins to support the modernization of shipyards by adopting composite manufacturing processes already proven in other sectors such as aerospace and automotive. Major impacts include significant environmental gains, increased manufacturing profitability, and a notable boost to the growth of the European naval sector.


The project’s closure took place in Nantes, hosted by Naval Group and IRT Jules Verne, which housed the 1:1 scale demonstrator of a catamaran structure. 


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