In an automotive market where standards and regulations are becoming stricter and electrification is becoming more widespread, the problem of vehicle weight reduction is once again an issue. Indeed, the reduction of CO2 emissions must be achieved throughout the life cycle of the car, including the manufacturing phase, which emits much more than the use phase.


In this context, the FIBIAS++ project aims at developing thermoplastic composites based on recycled materials in
order to combine mass reduction and emission reduction.


The objective of FIBIAS++ is to develop thermoplastic composites, from recycled materials, which meet the new regulatory requirements in terms of CO2 emissions and thus highlight the advantages of using composites in the automotive industry.


The different types of materials investigated address various needs such as seat backs traditionally made of metal, underbody protections but also the SMC/GMT market.


The expected impact for FAURECIA is a significant development of the use of TP composites by 2025 and
a doubling of the market share between 2025 and 2030.