IRT Jules Verne naturally zeroes in on the problems inherent in additive manufacturing processes, including monitoring and control, as well as those of modelling and simulating the behaviour of parts during actual service.

The research activity of IRT Jules Verne is part of the “FIT Additive Manufacturing “programme, an inter-IRT programme that also involves the IRTs of St-Exupéry, M2P and System X, and which allows each centre to add its own input with regard to the theme of additive manufacturing.

  • Additive manufacturing processes for metals:
    Regarding the development of additive processes for metals, IRT Jules Verne is mainly concerned with high-speed production technologies derived from welding technologies.


  • Additive manufacturing processes for composites:
    IRT Jules Verne approaches powder and wire technologies in similar fashion, focusing on materials for use in high-performance applications.


  • Modelling/simulation – Real-time monitoring/control:
    Modelling and simulation activities broadly address the detrimental effects on the behaviour of parts of those defects generated by different processes. Similarly, the development of technology bricks for real-time in situ monitoring and control is aimed at a broad range of processes.