With almost 2.1 million enterprises constituting around 9% of all EU’s enterprises the manufacturing sector plays crucial role in European economy. However, less than 15% of companies in the manufacturing sector (excluding computers and electronic) are highly digitalized, with only 20% of surveyed companies using IoT solutions and 16% using robotics.


Currently, most of the potentially useful information generated in those companies is lost – either due to not being analysed or not being registered at all. That wasted data could affect the operation of the production line at different time scales. Moreover, the data could be used in different stages of the product lifecycle; through design, maintenance and redesign of the production line where the data analysis is used to provide ergonomic and healthy working conditions, to production of individual units where the number of errors can be reduced by monitoring of production.


SHOP4CF aims to find the right balance between cost-effective automation, repetitive tasks and the involvement of human workers in areas such as adaptability, creativity and agility where they create the biggest added value. The projects also aims to pursue the highly-connected factory model to reap the benefits of all the data generated within the factory.


The marketplace can help SMEs & Mid-Caps achieve digital excellence and global competitiveness through adopting advanced robotics solutions in human-centric digitalization.


This project has received funding from
European Union’s Horizon 2020 research
and innovation programme under grant
agreement N° 873087.