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Completion of ROCABLE project

The European ROCABLE project, initiated in 2020 with the IRT Jules Verne, INRIA, EES-Clemessy ADS and piloted by the CNRS with the LS2N, ended a few days ago. The project partners, all experts in the field of robotics, presented the results obtained during these 9 months of development.   Towards collaborative use of Cable-Driven Parallel […]

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Completion of the RAMSSES project

On 16 & 17 November, the IRT Jules Verne welcomed the 37 partners of the RAMSSES project from 11 European countries. These two days marked the end of four years of research and development on the project. As a reminder, the objective of the RAMSSES project was to develop advanced solutions for sustainable and efficient […]

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FIBRE4YARDS : ready to cast off ?

We are pleased to release the initial video of the FIBRE4YARDS project !     About the project FIBRE4YARDS focuses on the entire production chain and promotes collaborative work among all types of shipyards and ancillary industries through a digital environment in which they work in a coordinated and automated way to optimise processes and […]

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Completion of the WING project

The WING project initiated in 2017 by IRT Jules Verne with AIRBUS, Fives Machining and Loiretech has just been completed. This emblematic project of the Institute aims to evaluate the capacity of textile technologies to meet the high production rates of the aeronautical industry for the manufacture of large parts with complex geometries.   A […]

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Launch of the European project FIBRE4YARDS for automation and modular construction in shipyards thanks to fibre composite manufacturing technologies

Key figures Duration: 36 months (01/2021-12/2023) Total budget: 7.252 K€ (IRT JV Budget: 341 K€) Partners: 13 partners from 6 EU countries (project coordinator: Centre Internacional de Metodes Numerics en Enginyeria (ES))

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Launch of the European ROCABLE project towards safe cable-driven parallel robots

Key figures • Duration: 9 months (12/2020-09/2021) • Total budget total: 150K € (IRTJV budget: 50K €) • Partners: 4 French partners (Project coordinator: CNRS)

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Launch of the imPURE European project for the rapid production of medical supplies

ImPURE project : Injection Moulding Repurposing for Medical Supplies enabled by Additive Manufacturing

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Launch of the European project CARBO4POWER to improve the operational performance of wind and tidal turbine blades

The European project Carbo4Power has been officially launched on November 26 & 27, 2020.

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New step for the DESCARTES project: reception of the first prototype tooling of a fuselage frame section

CERO, one of our partners in the project, has designed and produced this first tool that will be implemented on the PINETTE press just commissioned in the IRT Jules Verne.   The reception of this first tooling is a key step that will allow to continue the development on the different steps of the process. […]

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